Business Law

Legal-tips-for-a-business 9 Smart Legal Tips for Small Businesses
For a small business owner, understanding the aspects of business law that apply to your business is critically important, as it directly impacts how your business runs. Business law includes contract law, employment law, tax law, and workplace safety law.… Read More ››
privacy-policy-online-data-protection What Are the Legalities of Privacy Policies?
The legalities of privacy policies are specific in protecting the personal information for consumers and website visitors. We are certain that everyone has had the occasion to sign off on a privacy policy at one time or another. Maybe the… Read More ››
Business-liability-protections The Importance of Maintaining Business Liability Protections
No one plans to have an accident or a pandemic, but planning for the possibility of an event by having liability protections in place is part of operating a sound business. Maintaining business liability protections is important in mitigating the… Read More ››
commercial-litigation-negotiating What is Business and Commercial Litigation?
Business or commercial litigation is when a business is involved in a legal dispute. Business law can be quite complex with many different types of lawsuits. It is best to speak with an experienced attorney who can understand your business… Read More ››
sole-proprietorship-vs-llc-setting-up-your-business Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC
You need to make many decisions when starting a small business. One of the most important is how you structure your business legally. There are different ways to structure a business–partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, limited liability corporations, and sole proprietors to… Read More ››