Civil Litigation

a roadmap to civil litigation in NC superior court A Roadmap to Trial in NC Civil Superior Court
Civil litigation isn’t always black and white, but this infographic outlines the general steps that occur along the path to a trial in NC Superior Court. Read More ››
Cary NC civil litigation attorney Temporary Restraining Orders & Preliminary Injunctions
Too often clients come to our office long after the fact when the damage has already been done. Injunctive relief like this is not applicable to every case, but when it is, it is an invaluable tool to protect your… Read More ››
the different levels of civil court in North Carolina Civil Litigation in Superior Court – A Roadmap to Trial
Civil litigation rules are complex, and the consequences serious. An experienced, knowledgeable lawyer is absolutely vital when facing the prospect of litigation in Superior Court. In this article, we take a closer look at the Superior Court level, and review… Read More ››
restrictive covenants Cary Restrictive Covenants Attorney
If you live in a planned, single family home subdivision in North Carolina, more than likely, you are subject to restrictive covenants (sometimes called protective covenants). When your subdivision was first laid out, the original developer put forth a set… Read More ››
You've Been Sued What Now? You Have Been Sued — What Now?
By some estimates, a typical American has a 10% chance of getting sued in any given year and about a 33% chance of being sued in their lifetime. Your risk mostly depends on your exposure: the kind of work you… Read More ››