Estate Planning

Last Will & Estate Administration Pitfalls in Estate Administration: Why Consulting with an Experienced Attorney is Important
We see this scenario in our office regularly. A client comes in who is the Executor of his/her mother’s estate. They felt like the estate was simple and went forward to handle it themself. Only when the final accounting of… Read More ››
Estate Planning Services The Importance of Beneficiary Designations
When it comes time to put together a thoughtful and effective estate plan, understanding how beneficiary designations interplay with your estate documents is vital. This is true whether you opt for a “will based” estate plan or a “trust based”… Read More ››
bank-account-estate-planning Estate Planning with Your Bank Account
One thing that most people can do to simplify their estate situation is to make smart choices with their bank accounts. Bank account planning alone cannot substitute for a well considered, professionally prepared estate plan, but it can make an… Read More ››
Legal Implications of COVID 19 Legal Implications of the COVID-19 Outbreak
All of us have been forced to make drastic changes in our day to day living in an effort to cope with this pandemic. These are unprecedented times for our communities, our businesses and our nation. Of course, our first… Read More ››
elder abuse and estate planning lawyer cary nc Elder Abuse and Estate Planning
The realities of aging can bring a variety of challenges in long term care planning. The decline of physical abilities and the visible effects of aging are commonly recognized. What can be equaling damaging to an aging loved one is… Read More ››