Personal Injury/Auto Accidents

construction-worker-has-an-accident-while-working Lost Wages and Your Injury Settlement
If you have sustained injuries from an accident that was not your fault , more than likely you won’t be able to return to work right away. It’s common for an injury victim to miss some work because of necessary… Read More ››
city-view-sue-for-negligence How to Sue a City For Negligence
If you have been injured due to a city’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. However, suing a city for negligence isn’t easy. In order to prove negligence, you have to show that the city had a duty of… Read More ››
personal-injury-settlement Benefits of Settling a Personal Injury Claim
When you have been injured in an accident, you may have high emotions about the one who caused the accident. Most personal injury claims are resolved by either settlement or litigation. Initially, you may be convinced that you want to… Read More ››
car-accident-woman-with-neck-injury What is the Average Settlement for Car Accident Back and Neck Injuries?
A collision between two vehicles can cause serious back and neck injuries. These injuries may not show symptoms immediately after the accident, but instead days or even weeks later. These injuries can vary greatly from slight to severe, making them… Read More ››
car-crash-accident Car Accidents: Statutes Of Limitations in North Carolina
Most people have at least a general understanding that there are time deadlines for filing lawsuits. These are known as statutes of limitations – meaning that if you wait too long to file your case with the court, it will… Read More ››