Personal Injury/Auto Accidents

hit and run accident lawyer What to Do if You’ve Been the Victim of a Hit and Run
For the past several years, the number of annually reported hit and run crashes have been increasing across the United States. Fatalities from hit and run crashes have also increased, even though the overall number of deaths from automobile accidents… Read More ››
Personal Injury Law How to Handle Personal Injury & Auto Accidents
According to insurance industry estimates, the typical driver will be in 3 to 4 auto accidents over a lifetime. Despite advancements in auto safety, thousands of Americans are injured and killed every year in auto accidents. If you have never… Read More ››
Raleigh auto accident attorney Auto Accidents: What To Do If Driver Has Little Or No Insurance
One of the many reasons to speak with an attorney when you have been in an auto accident has to do with the issue of insurance coverage. Who is covered? What is covered? Is there enough coverage to pay the… Read More ››
accident liability attorney in Cary Car Accidents: Determining Liability in Auto Accident Injuries
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated that 40% of all drivers will be in an auto collision at least once in their lives. Car accidents happen so quickly but can result in permanent, devastating injuries and loss of… Read More ››