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Your dental health is essential to your overall well-being, and you rely on appropriate dental care to ensure your teeth and mouth stay healthy. During a dental visit you take some comfort in the thought that you’ll receive quality care during your visit. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it goes. Errors in your dental care can affect your ability to speak and eat while infection and misdiagnosis can cause life-threatening complications.

Dental malpractice is more common than you may think, and dentists who do cause unnecessary injury can and should be held liable for their actions or neglect. If you’ve been injured or suffered complications due to an avoidable error or neglect, the experienced dental malpractice attorneys at The Doyle Law Offices will fight on your behalf to hold them accountable and get your fair compensation.

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Understanding Dental Malpractice

While we often hear of medical malpractice cases against physicians and surgeons when a patient is harmed or injured due to improper care or neglect. The same attention is not often paid to dentists, even though American Dental Association guidelines holds them to a similar standard of care as your medical doctor. Malpractice in the dental profession is prevalent, and it’s up to a knowledgeable dental malpractice attorney to hold them accountable for their mistakes. 

Malpractice is a form of personal injury law that refers to an injury, illness, or death resulting from:

  • Negligence
  • Failure to diagnose or treat a hazardous condition
  • Delayed diagnosis or treatment
  • Intentional misconduct or abuse

A dental malpractice attorney can work with you to determine if your case falls under those guidelines and if you’re entitled to compensation.

Common Cases Tried by Dental Malpractice Attorneys

When dental work is performed incorrectly or a practitioner does not quickly diagnose and treat a problem, complications can arise. Examples of reasons to contact a dental malpractice law firm include:

  • Failing to diagnose a dental health problem leading to a worsening problem or complications, such as screening for oral cancer
  • Misdiagnosing a dental health problem leading to incorrect treatment and worsening condition
  • Performing unnecessary dental procedures, such as a tooth extraction
  • Infection caused by improperly sterilized or sanitary equipment
  • Improper use of anesthesia
  • Improper treatment that leads to infection, nerve damage, and even broken bones

Due to North Carolina statute of limitations, a patient who was injured only has three years from the time the injury occurred to file their claim. That’s why it’s important to reach out to a dental malpractice attorney as soon as you learn of your injury, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be compensated. 

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